On Demand Ad Hoc Flights

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On Demand Ad Hoc Flights

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Olympic Executive is simulating Corporate Jets operation.
On this basis we are accepting ON DEMAND custom ad hoc flights on pilot's request.

Go to OAV Executive Dispatch -> Flights-> Request a Flight and submit a request for the flight you need, the aircraft type you want to fly it with from the ones available and any remarks/comments you may have.
Within 2 to 8 hours (allow more during Greek national holidays) you will have the FLIGHT PLAN inserted in DISPATCH OFFICE and the AIRCRAFT MOVED to the location needed ready for you to execute the flight.
An email will be sent to you by executive@oav.gr confirming the ready status.

During your requests please try to select departure and destination airports that usually serve corporate jets i.e. not the big airport hubs serving airlines. This is the the whole essence of Executive operations.

Normally OAV Executive has EGLC London City as base for its Corporate jets and LGAV Athens for the B737 BBJ. For ad hoc flights it is not compulsory to fly from these two airports only. You can request any airport in the world simulating that the "client" needs that flight that day that time regardless of the aircraft positioning costs that would be involved in real.
Imagination is your limit here ;)
In real world such flights requests are outsourced to cooperating partner companies in other continents from the original company base.

Once the flight is executed, if you don't submit another request from the form, send email to executive@oav.gr stating if you want to continue from the above destination onwards to somewhere else or to move the aircraft back to original base.

Ad Hoc "Tours" are also accepted but allow more time for sequential Flight Plans to be uploaded. For this scenario contact executive@oav.gr for details.

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