Απαντήσεις σε συχνές απορίες. / Frequently Asked Questions.
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Simbrief is a free virtual Flight Planning platform which enables you to create your own OFP (Operational FlightPlan). Among other functions, it caclulates route time and fuel needed based on aircraft weight and real world weather data.

Olympic Aegean Virtual has integrated simbrief in our dispatch office and it's available via the booking system. When used, the following data from the pirep is then submitted to Simbrief for flight planning generation:
  1. Aircraft type
  2. Aircraft registration
  3. Flight's callsign
  4. Flight's departure and arrival airports
  5. Flight Plan
  6. Block Out time
  7. Pilot's name
  8. Alternate Airport
  9. Cost index
  10. Aircraft's Operating Empty Weight
  11. Aircraft's Max Take Off Weight
  12. Aircraft's Max Landing Weight
  13. Aircraft's Max Zero Fuel Weight
  14. Aircraft's Zero Fuel Weight*

* The value of ZFW is based on the aircraft type and on previous year's average capacity of the real Aegean-Olympic Air company (83,2% for 2017), plus/minus a percent for variety purposes.

Important notices:
  • Simbrief is a free service and it's flight planning is based on previous year's AIRACs. Simbrief uses the pirep's flightplan, but if that doesn't comply with the user's AIRAC, mades the appropriate changes, mostly assigns directs between navaids. If you've purchased Navigraph FMS data, you can use it to update Simbrief's AIRAC cycle.
  • Changes made on the pirep get posted to Simbrief without the pilot having to submit the pirep first. You can change the flight plan for example and press the Simbrief OFP button. The OFP will be generated based on the updated flight plan.
  • The values of "Cost Index" and "Alternate airport" are used only by Simbrief and are not being saved localy. Thus their values are being reset when leaving/reloading the page.
  • You may have to disable any pop up blocker preventing the Simbrief from operating flawlessly.
  • Since Aeroclub is based on VFR routes, Simbrief isn't available for that division.
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