Munich 11 to 11 event 18/12/21

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Munich 11 to 11 event 18/12/21

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Dear pilots from Olympic Air,

the next big event at EDDM is here!
With enormous speed the year is heading towards New Year's Eve and to be honest this is somehow desirable that the year ends as soon as possible, so that everything can get better with 2022. Yet we are still in 2021 and we are quite sure you also had some fine times in the last 12 months and to give you at least one more we, the regional group Munich, have prepared something for you guys. Like most people do with fireworks, also we want to end the year with a big bang and present you with a special Munich 11 to 11 event!
Additionally to the great feature that the airfield and according airspace will be staffed for at least 12 hours, all controllers will not place themselves in front of the computer but their masks in front their faces and head out to EDDM with their equipment backpacked. No - not for plane spotting, well at least not only for that! We, the ATC staff, will build up our camp in an airport close located conference room, build up our computers and have a blast controlling together. On that very day you can have an even more realistic feeling compared to our other events, because all coordination between ATC will take place locally and the coordinators can execute their job as real as it gets. AND - if everything runs according to plan - you can even have sneak peak into our work by joining the live stream located in the conference room. Sounds like a banger? Well then come and visit us as often as you can on that day. You have more than enough time to yeet out of Munich and come back, without having to fear a leg not covered by ATC. Also EDDN will be staffed on that day - I've allways wondered how often you can shuttle between those two fields in 12 hours

Well - long story short, all the important stuff down below:
• staffed airports: EDDM, EDDN
• Event time 10am until 10 pm Zulu time (It's 11am until 11pm in local time, that's the reason for the name btw.)
• all controllers are placed in one big room
• Livestream on twitch
We are completely hyped and looking forward to you guys filling up our aprons and runways to the max capacity to end the year in an awesome way!

Greetings Maik
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